Refurbished computers are essentially used computers, which have been professionally repaired and inspected for quality use.

However, Tecdale Sells only “Grade A“ Quality units that are in “Like New” condition. Minimal to no scuffs to the body of the unit. No scratches, dents, or other cosmetic damage to the item. Refurbished computers are computer systems that can no longer be sold as new. Often, this is because someone returned the computer either due to a human error or a simple lack of use. Computers may even be considered refurbished because they were defective, had small cosmetic issues, or came from a canceled order.

Depending on your needs, refurbished computers can be an excellent way to make savings on your next PC purchase.

In most cases you can get a computer that essentially is new, or functions as new, for a significant discount. Tecdale offers a wide selection of refurbished desktop computers, refurbished gaming pc, refurbished laptops, refurbished all in one computers in an extremely fast turnaround time at the lowest prices in the industry.

The best reason to buy a second hand computer is that it saves money

The best reason to buy a second hand computer is that it saves money. You can often afford higher-spec models because they're older and refurbished. Our primary focus is to provide quality refurbished computers for sale at highly competitive prices. Tecdale has one of the largest collections of 2nd hand computers (Refurbished desktop pc), parts, peripherals, and other gadgets. Why buy a new PC when you can get the same function and performance for a lesser price with refurbished PCs?

Refurbishing Process

Refurbishment involves a comprehensive, meticulous repair and inspection process to ensure these computers meet standards for new products.


The first step in refurbishing jobs is to take the computer apart and inspect all parts for damage. Detailed testing to confirm the system includes the correct components and that all of those components are functioning.

Testing and quality control

Before a refurbished computer is resold it must be tested for quality. Every refurbished computer is audited multiple times during this process to ensure it is meeting “Grade A” quality and performance standards.

Repairs, replacement, and reassembly

Not all used computers need repairs or replacement. However, if the computer was previously damaged or is missing parts, these issues will be resolved during the refurbishing process. All used computers are reassembled since they were disassembled at the beginning of the process to look for problems. Cosmetic repairs will be made too.


The exterior of the used computer is cleaned. Stickers, marks, and dust particles are removed using special chemicals. Data wiped down: All refurbished computers have the data wiped from the hardware completely. This prevents sensitive information from being passed on to the next owner. Data wiping is much different than restoring the computer to its original factory setting.